Our Story

Pioneers in Central Heating Radiators


Shakib’s family founded ALL THERM 1979, and nowadays is the third largest Industrial Group producer of radiators, wall-hung boilers and burners (domestic and industrial) in the MENA region.

Mr. Shakib worked as an industrial engineer in a company producing heating solutions since young. He always had a passion, to improve everyone’s quality of life, therefore he focussed on working ceaselessly to develop the best heating solutions in his country. With engagement and perseverance, in 1979 he founded ALL THERM and the first die casting machinery warming family homes and offices in 1980. In a few years from a simple industrial engineer, he became a successful entrepreneur.

The Idea

Due to continuous claims of customers for having good quality radiators at best prices during cold weather seasons, Mr. Shakib had the intuition to create the first die casting machine. Taking advantage of the technological growth and the abundant gas supply to heat the water, he succeeded in producing innovative aluminium radiators painted individually to be assembled according to all domestic heating needs.

The Growth

Now ALL THERM was a far-sighted manufacturer and never stopped investing and improved with the help of a high qualified R&D department. Mr. Shakib immediately committed himself to transform his invention in a massive production for its speed country’s growing population with 30 employees in a 1500 m2 building.

Thanks to customer’s satisfaction and a quick supply of demand, ALL THERM succeeded in moving its manufactory in 1987 to bigger facilities of more than 100,000 square meters with 2000 employees. This helped the company versifying the product variety adding gas and gasoil boilers as well towel warmers to its massive production chain.

The Market entry

In 1990’s ALL THERM reached a rapid growth in central heating market due to its excellent quality and competitive prices on aluminium radiators. The exporting efforts began in the late 1990’s accessing markets in need of high quality aluminium radiators, steel panels and boilers for central heating and hot water.

owth in central heating market due to its excellent quality and competitive prices on aluminium radiators

Worldwide Success

ALL THERM deserves to be the international leading Industrial group being the third worldwide radiator manufacturer thanks to its innovative technological massive production facilities. Exhibiting at international trade shows in Frankfurt and Milan not only increased sales but also improved ALL THERM reputation.

Our exporting efforts at late 1990’s reached a multinational sales level to more than 30 countries including Spain, Italy, Russia and France thanks to the strict European (CE) standards and our high-quality ISO 9001 products. It also resulted in winning the prestigious “Exporter of the Year” award (from the Ministry of Trade) in the years 2000, 2004 and 2005.


In 2004, we started producing Wall hung combination boilers domestically. Alongside this, we developed the most advanced wall hung boiler testing laboratory in the country, which is used by the national standards agency. This in combination with our testing procedure (in which each boiler undergoes rigorous testing using the most high-tech testing equipment from Europe) has led to our products being recognized as the highest quality domestically produced boilers in the market.

We are currently continuing the expansion of our product range by adding multi-layered pipes and steel panel radiator production lines.


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