EN-OIL Burner-IO-1700-2100-2800-minEN-OIL Burner-IO-1700-2100-2800-min

OIL BURNERS IO 1700-2100-2800

Two Stage OIL Burners:

Fuel: Light oil. Oil consumption 42.5-240 kg/h. Heating capacity from 494-2790 kW.

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Two Stage OIL Burner:

IO 1700

Fuel: Light oil. Oil consumption 42.5-150 kg/h. Heating capacity from 494-1744 kW.

IO 2100

Fuel: Light oil. Oil consumption 62-190 kg/h. Heating capacity from 720-2210 kW.

IO 2800

Fuel: Light oil. Oil consumption 66-240 kg/h. Heating capacity from 767-2790 kW.

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