ECO - Best Aluminium Radiator for Home Central HeatingECO - Best Aluminium Radiator for Home Central Heating


The radiator element ECO of ALL THERM, an Aluminium Radiator for Central Heating. The Most Economic injected aluminium radiator, ideal for the new construction and refurbishing thanks to its high temperature performance. The ECO radiator is made element by element with die-cast aluminium alloy; and guarantees a lower thermal inertia, which leads to a high energy saving and comfort.

Aluminium radiators are available in different models, with diverse backgrounds and measurements.

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Ideal Aluminium Radiator for Central Heating. ALL THERM produces ECO radiator elements with die-cast aluminium alloy, then doubly painted through an anti corrosion layer via a cataphoresis process and then the second treatment is a painting coat "epoxi" followed by a high temperature drying process for a perfect finish. This is the most advanced and up-to-date technology that uses a strict CE0051 certified and manufacturing controlled by TUV and Eurovent Certita.  These processes ensure a perfect finish and very high durability over time.

The special characteristics of the radiator lies in the aluminium alloy used in the production which is of the highest quality and provides a long-life service with a 10-year guaranty for manufacturing defects.


The great power of thermal transmission of aluminium, as well as the elegant design of the element with fins, cause high emission of heat with low energy consumption.

Our quality control department performs constant and rigorous tests on each element with a maximum working pressure of 8 bar.

Our model ECO has a high energy efficiency in a minimum space. Its narrow structural configuration (8cm), and its high percentage of aluminium allows to give maximum power in the minimum space. This radiator is the lightest, has the lesser water usage than any one else in the market and has the shortest size being 63mm per element.


This die-cast aluminium radiator has a design with top opening and fins for a better distribution of heat. A perfect finish and durability, thanks to the painting by double cataphoresis electrophoresis (immersion) and subsequent drying under pressure. Our ECO is the mos economic aluminium radiator with its an elegant design, which does not require use of radiator covers, where they always occupy a lot of space. This elegant design allows to take advantage of the small space available.


The ECO Aluminium Radiator for Central Heating is easy to assemble because it is very light and modular. The joint between the elements of the radiator is by elastic joint that provides total tightness to the installation.

Formed by coupled elements, lightweight and adapted according to the heating needs and space. With a depth of 80 mm it adapts to smaller spaces.

Install in horizontal mural


Model ECO can be pre-assembled in sections of 2 to 14 elements (depending on width) protected by a retractable plastic cover and with side guards which saves on labour and protects the goods until delivery.

DIFFERENT HEIGHTS. The wide range of available heights allows to adapt very simple to installations of low temperature; getting better sensations of thermal comfort and greater energy savings.

The 3 available height measurements (45, 60 and 70 cm) allows its adaptation in all types of spaces. Those of lower height are ideal to install under large windows or where space is very small.

Aluminium Radiator ECO

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Is the Aluminium Radiator painted?

Answer: ALL THERM Aluminium Radiators are are doubly painted through an anti corrosion layer via a cataphoresis process and then the second treatment is a painting coat "epoxi" followed by a high temperature drying process for a perfect finish.

ALL THERM ECO Aluminium Radiator is CE certified by TUV Intercert Saar and also AFNOR EUROVENT CERTITA NF.

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